August 1, 2012

Upgrade to Virgo 3.5, Spring 3.1

DNet version 1.0.2 comes with upgrade to Spring 3.1.2 and Virgo 3.5

Spring has been upgraded mainly to use their integration support for the upcoming message based communication between independent modules as well as for third party application connectors.
Also Spring security has been upgraded to next minor version 3.1.1 only due to spring dependency restrictions.
All the artifacts declare the spring dependency in [3.1,3.2) range, the upper limit will be extended when necessary.

Virgo 3.5 by default has Spring 3.0.5, so VTS shipped  in the DNet distribution package is upgraded to Spring 3.1, the spring library is in repository/ext, replacing the original version.

One important change in Virgo 3.5 which may affect your code is the replacement of Spring DM 1.2.1 with Gemini Blueprint 1.0.0.RELEASE which supports the OSGi Blueprint standard and Spring DM 1.2.1
For more details on upgrading to Virgo 3.5 please check their migration guide . 


  1. I am facing some issue while trying to configure dnet 1.0.0.M1 with eclipse.Getting some issues related to org.activity.spring bundle.Bundle is present into usr folder then after not importing the bundle while Installing web module of Dnet.

  2. Hi Experts,

    Please help me out.

    I would really appreciate if somebody come up with some solution regarding my above issues.